This post is from the series: 20 No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Marketing Your Business.

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Are you making the number one mistake entrepreneurs make online?

Maybe you’re focusing all of your time and energy on things that won’t help bring in a decent income NOW. Things like blogging, social media, and creating a glossy website. Now don’t get me wrong, some of those things CAN work, but they can also eat up hours of your time and take months or even years to work.

The result…

A business owner who is frustrated trying to do it all and not making enough money to truly make a difference in her life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way at all! The way to build a sustainable business fast, the way REAL businesses create lasting growth, is turning $1 of paid advertising into $2 or more of profit. The medium that works best for paid advertising can change over time, but the basics always stay the same.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could finally create the consistent flow of clients you’ve been dreaming about for months (or maybe even years)…

To stop scrambling to pay bills by eking out payments with one time jobs or a job that isn’t fulfilling anymore. Just by learning to spend $1 on advertising and make $2. That’s what I finally did when I learned to turn $1 into $2 or $10 or $139. (It’s kind of like magic, isn’t it?!).


Tammy Lane is a business mentor who is famous for helping clients create wildly profitable, multi-6- figure transformational businesses and specializes in ad strategies that bring an instant flow of clients even if you don’t have a big list or are just starting out.