As I was creating agendas and preparing for next week, I noticed that many of you will be working with me on 2017 goals. However, even if we’re not working on them together I still think it’s important to do them! So I put together a worksheet to get you started (please download a copy).

I’ve done tons of different year-end methods, and this is a combination inspired by Michael Hyatt, Danielle LaPorte, The 52 Lists Project, and mostly, my brain and what I like to reflect on at the end of the year.

I encourage you to work through the questions to reflect on from 2016 and set your intentions for 2017. It also includes a marketing calendar template and instructions so you can map out your launches and event dates for 2017.

Regardless of whether or not we work on this together, I encourage you to go through it and share your answers with me (make a copy and put it in your folder, and email me). And now you can get a head start on it before our calls next week. I will add a copy of it to your HSM folder under “Key Client Info”, but I have attached one for you as well.

If you already have a year-end process that you love, feel free to do that instead and share it with me.

Oh, and have fun with it!

-Stephanie W.
HSM Consultant