Our clients love us, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out what some of them have to say below!

“When we came to HSM we were ready to not do it anymore.
This year we will close to triple our 2015 revenue. Thank you HSM!”
Watson Style Group, Personal Stylists


“When I started with HSM I was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel after 14 years of business. From January to May
I made more in revenue than three years combined.
HSM helps me be the artist and expert so I have way more free time. I’m deeply grateful to HSM.”
– Dawn Andrews, Free Range Thinking, L.A.


“The Her Smart Marketing Plan was so thorough and laid out in such a way that I have a super detailed plan of action for the next phase of my business.
To be able to express my business and have someone really listen and hear me was such an amazing experience.”
– Shaundra H. Miami, Florida, https://www.tribuspirit.com


“I am blown away by what this company is doing for me and my business. I’m not just blowing smoke up their butts. In just 2 weeks my business is kicked into an entirely different level. I’m not overwhelmed! I’m clear! They not only coach me, but they have VA’s (included in the price). And don’t tell them this, but they aren’t even that expensive. I always heard coaches make a huge difference in your company. Now I know it!”

–  Marilyn Alauria, www.marilynalauria.com

“The second client that I closed since working with HSM, only took 32 minutes to pick a package and get started, whereas it would’ve taken me 2 hours in the past… All I had to do was use the systems I developed with HSM. And I’m charging more than I was before!”

– Julie Musial, www.musialmarketing.com

“I seriously work forever. However, I just had my 2nd best month ever in business, so there is that!”

– Ellie White-Stevens, www.dirt1x.com

“I LOVE YOU AND HSM! If it wasn’t for you, I would never be where I am now!”

– Karla Silver, www.karlasilver.com


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