What if a simple “Have you met Ashley?” could dramatically impact your business?

(And get you some much-needed relaxation in a fancy hotel.)

Yep. I’m serious.

Here’s the deal…

Right now, I’m offering an all expenses paid trip to Canada for a TWO day, luxurious VIP experience with myself & Stephanie.

  • Gorgeous hotel & venue to relax and solely focus on you and your business, without a single distraction. (No tech glitches, dishwashers to be loaded, emails to answer, zoom calls to hop on and off, etc.)
  • All meals and expenses paid. The trip is 100% on me!

  • VIP day to focus on specific goals, systems, and a solid plan for your business with the customized action steps and the exclusive 1:1 support to get it done!

All you have to do is introduce HSM to anyone you think could benefit from some serious get-it-done, implementation strategies for their business.

Even better?

The referral DOES NOT need to buy, in order to count. They only need to get on the phone so I can offer them 1 or 2 solid takeaways for their business.

In the end, if you have the most referrals – the VIP experience is yours!

A full, two days devoted to you…

  • An honest inventory about where your business stands. We’ll focus on 3 actions to get to your next level. No stress, just concrete steps forward – and some fresh Canadian air.

  • Get crystal clear on your business goals. We’ll map out a plan for getting to those goals, and address 2 areas where you may currently be wasting crucial time.

  • You have questions? I have answers. Ask away. Maybe you took a class (or 5 classes) you spent a lot of money on and need to know how to implement them. Or you need better ways to delegate to and manage your team. We’ll cover it all!

It’s seriously the best business trip of your life. Guaranteed.

(Plus, in case you haven’t heard – Canada is home to the nicest people in the world!)

And even if you don’t get the most referrals, the runner-up gets one month’s worth of copywriting and social media design/graphics, Facebook live thumbnails OR a Facebook Bot Set-up. Totally free!

Has second prize ever been so good? It hasn’t!

Because compelling copy and social media are proven ways to attract loyal followers, convert clients, and increase profit. You do zero work to make this happen. My team and I will do it all for you.

Here are some of the best ways to create that introduction:

  • Send an email to your list.

  • Do a Facebook Live with us.

  • Introduce us in your Facebook or Social Media group.

  • Record a video about how much you love us and share that video.

I’ll even give you a sample email and social media you can copy/paste! And we’ll even keep track of who you referred FOR you.

(We love doing things for people over here.)

All I ask is that the introduction is a serious one.

My goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs getting stuff done in their business. To stop being seduced by flashy marketing B.S., spending thousands on yet another coaching program with little to no results, and, instead, get the customized action plan and serious support for more profit and more impact.

Simply check below to get all the sample copy – and start introducing!

I look forward to sipping cocktails and creating your kick ass business together!

Ashley & Her Smart Marketing Team

Date: September and October 2017

The Winner is the Person Who Makes the Most Introductions

A *referral is classified as an “introduction” where the person gets on the phone with us OR purchases any service of HSM.

The referral DOES NOT need to buy in order to count as a referral, they only need to get on the phone.

Runner Up:

  • One month worth of copywriting and social media design/graphics, Facebook live thumbnails
  • OR a Facebook Bot Set-up


The person must send an email/FB message introducing the referral to Ashley, and that person must get on the phone with Ashley for it to count. (Again, the person is not required to buy anything in order to count for the contest)

*Please only serious introductions

The way we will track:

  • Every time a call is complete, we put it in our spreadsheet, add it to the leaderboard, and tell the referrer

Ideas for Promotion:

  • The most effective way to refer is doing an email or chat introduction
  • Send an email to your list
  • Do a Facebook Live with us
  • Introduce us in your Facebook or Social Media group
  • Record a video about how much you love us and share that video

Promotional Tools:

Consultation sign up page: www.consulthsm.com

Sample Email:

[Client Name], meet Ashley from Her Smart Marketing. She’s my online marketing & virtual implementation expert. I consider her my go-to marketing expert for just about everything. She specializes in online marketing but also has major skills and a passion for brick and mortar businesses.

Feel free to check her and her marketing team out here: www.HerSmartMarketing.com

Sample Introductions:

<NAME>, Ashley is the owner of Her Smart Marketing, and her team is incredible in creating marketing strategies, detailed plans and then providing done-for-you support in numerous areas. Most likely than not, they are their clients’ last resort, and they are known for helping them turn their businesses around.

<NAME>, Ashley has a results-driven agency and they do get amazing results. Her Smart Marketing team has everything you’re looking for, and more. Moreover, they are your true partners and I can’t recommend them enough.

<NAME>, Ashley and her Her Smart Marketing team are one-stop-shop for A-Z marketing. What sets them apart is their hands-on and 100% personalized focus on turning clicks into clients – from strategy, to systems, tools, copy, graphics, … They truly are involved in your success and bring decades of experience and results to the table.

Social Media:

Tired of DIY Marketing?

Her Smart Marketing is the done-for-you team you’ve been waiting for. Go do what you love. They’ll take care of the rest!  

Spending lots of money with little results?

Let Her Smart Marketing be the 24/7 business partner that guarantees big change and the ca-ching that goes along with it.

Got the Business Coach Blues?

(you know the kind where you spend lotsa’ money with little results?) Let Her Smart Marketing be your 24/7 support team that does the work for you – with more cash in your pocket!

Happy connecting!