Episode Summary:

Off the top, Bruce and Ashley (#Brashley) answer a burning question from a viewer: When should you get a job if your business isn’t taking off as fast as your bills are coming in and you need cash FAST? Brace yourself for the blunt response to this urgent question.

Then, it’s time to hit it hard when this dynamic duo exposes the dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. You know what it is… our addiction to info products. That endless cycle of buying books, courses, CDs, DVDs, blueprints, guides, strategy maps, and Oh.Em.Gee!

Pro Tips:

  • Direct from Bruce: “If you need cash… get a @%^*! job! (and he tells you where to get one!) (6:30)
  • Apply what you Buy! Thinking about buying something? DO THIS! (14:07)
  • The secrets that marketers use against you (Here’s Bruce giving away our secrets again!) (14:10)
  • Save yourself! (20:51)
  • Why do we buy? The deep, psychological drivers that compel us to purchase one info product after another… (24:31)
  • Let’s Party — don’t forget the snacks and beer! (32:39)
  • The Big Message: Wanna scale up… big… really big? MEGA BIG? Don’t miss this! (34:43)

Juicy, Random, and Sometimes Off-Topic: (Now these are a MUST-SEE!)

  • Are turkey legs on Ashley’s diet plan? (26:03)
  • Is Bruce trying to hide his flatulence on today’s show? (28:01)
  • Who is the good cop and who is the bad cop in the #Brashley Duo? (4:27)

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