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There are a million (probably even more) ways to market your business. With all the different options, you have the amazing ability to design a marketing plan that is unique and perfect for your business and your audience. And while that fact is an asset to business owners, it can also be a little overwhelming. Should you focus on social media? Or on in-person outreach? Should you start a blog, a podcast, or a video show… Or all three?? It’s easy to get caught in the loop of thinking you have to do all the things all the time.

You don’t.

When it comes to marketing, and many other things in our lives, quality trumps quantity every time.

Decide which key marketing tips resonate with you and will speak to your audience and put a plan in place to implement that piece.

Start by making a list of your top marketing ideas or channels. Then think about which ones complement each other or things you are already doing.

Once you have a broad overview of your year, it’s time to zoom in for a close up look at your week and day to day operations of your business. You’ve heard that what gets scheduled, gets done? That could not apply more than in your marketing. In running our business, we wear many different hats; from content creation, to social media manager, to CFO to janitor.

If we are to get everything done we want to in our business, each task must have a dedicated spot on our calendar. Especially for something as imperative (and somewhat daunting) as marketing, you simply cannot leave your plan to “when it gets done” or even “sometime today.”

I recommend creating a weekly workflow framework that includes all the hats you wear as a business owner. Have dedicated time each week you work with your clients, create content, do admin tasks, and most importantly, your marketing. If you have decided to engage more in Facebook communities, it is simply not enough to add “engage more” to your to do list. You need to have a strategic plan and then a dedicated time each day or each week that you will implement your plan.

By breaking down your marketing plan into consistent, actionable steps and planning dedicated time to move each project forward, you’ll see bigger results with less stress and more ease in your business and life!


Megan Flatt is a business consultant and time management strategist for busy moms building their dream businesses while remaining present in the day-to-day lives of their kids. She is in constant pursuit of the perfect to-do list and the
perfect vanilla latte.