Her Smart Marketing is offering two new and amazing services. If you’re tired of getting ZERO results on social media or are trying to systematize and automate your business then read on…

  1. Social Media Management. You’ve been creating inspirational quotes and posting daily but you’re just not getting many, if any, clients from social media. You’re not alone, social media is complex not to mention time-consuming. And you really don’t want to be spending all your free time liking, commenting, and posting do you? You could be closing deals or servicing clients.

That’s where WE come in…your results on social media don’t come from automation, they come from relationship building, but the downside is that relationship building takes time and consistency…time that you may not have. At Her Smart Marketing, we take over your social media with a special focus on RESULTS. This isn’t about spewing out content and hoping people will read it. It’s about getting new leads & clients (without taking 10 years to do it). If you’d like to discuss a customized social media solution for your business go here.

Spend hours sifting through social media groups & pages?

Get a daily report sent to your inbox…we crawl social media sites and send you a direct link to specific keywords your clients use to search for you.

For example, say you do graphic design. If people on social media are writing ‘I need a designer’ or ‘I need graphic design,’ we will crawl through these keywords for you on the social media site and send you a report of the posts, comments and inquiries about this term EVERY morning so you can click and go directly to that post and respond. Neat, eh?

2. We Systematize ANYTHING. Yes, you read it right.

You know when a client comes on board and your assistant has to send out their contract and add them to your system? We can automate it so you don’t have to pay them to do it, you can do it with just one click.

I know it’s a bit hard to grasp, but we can automate ANYTHING in a web browser. This means we can systematize your entire business with one click. For real!

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