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What’s the best way to attract customers as a Brand in Demand?

The answer might surprise you; it has nothing to do with marketing strategy. In fact, the particular strategy that will bring in your ideal customers won’t matter if you don’t identify what people want first and then speak their language in all you do.

The strategy falls flat if you aren’t communicating in a way that taps into their minds and hearts. Want to know if you’re attracting the right people and what matters to them? Check your bank account. The more you can get in tune with your target market, the greater income you’ll bring in.

Classic advice says surveying is the way to go. Surveys have their place, but people often don’t know what they want until they see it, so the quality of their answers isn’t always high unless you can follow up and ask more questions. Also, people don’t always tell the truth on them or don’t want to spend too much time on surveys, so they give short answers (or skip doing the survey completely).

So how do you magnetize like a Brand in Demand?

Here are three ways.

1) Use your favorite social media site to find your target market and read how they communicate their biggest fears and frustrations.

2) Conduct a few interviews with people in your market.

3) Find books related to your field of expertise on and see what people say in reviews.

Regardless of which method above you use, I want you to make sure you are taking good notes on exactly how people are phrasing their frustrations and dreams. Don’t paraphrase either… jot down their exact words!

Look for trends and patterns and start using those exact phrases on your website, in your social media status updates, and for all of your content. You should now have enough material to work with to create new content and even new programs and products that will attract this market. Because you are speaking their language and tapping into their frustrations and dreams, you are now connecting with their minds and hearts.


Sherry Mirshahi-Totten, MBA, is an award-winning brand strategist, Huffington Post blogger, and bestselling author and speaker. She creates and refines brands for women authors, speakers, and coaches who want to expand their business and become influencers in their industries. As polished Brands in Demand™, her clients have gotten speaking engagements and media attention, launched successful programs, and fast-tracked their profitability.