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Social media marketing is here to stay, and building your brand, connecting with clients, giving valuable content, and making sales is easy and free to do with most platforms. If you have a plan and stay consistent.

When I go online, I have to have an organized plan. All my social media posts for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook business pages are written out ahead of time and posted through a scheduler. However, responding to comments, messages, and engaging through Facebook groups takes a different kind of planning since those interactions are spontaneous and scheduling programs currently don’t have the capability to schedule posts to other owner’s groups.

Before you create your plan of action, take a look at your Facebook patterns. What do you find yourself doing as soon as you log in? Do you scan your feed? Look at your notifications? Immediately go to a specific group? Knowing what your natural tendencies are will help you make a plan that is more natural for you and allow it to become a habit versus just another procedure that you’ve tried and quit (before you became inconsistent with it). Having a plan works, but make sure it’s your own for it to stick.

After consciously noting your Facebook behavior, choose three to five Facebook groups that you feel comfortable in and engage with on a regular basis for relationship building and marketing purposes. Create a spreadsheet or other tracking system for each group. Include the name of the group, the administrator(s) and daily themes, if any. The tracking system will be used to plan posts in advance based on theme days or if the group does not have themes, you can decide topics of your own for those groups. This creates a flow and consistency to your posting where you will be able to use similar content on different days without having friends’ feeds fill up with the same post in multiple groups. It looks unprofessional. Planning time to create posts is absolutely necessary for keeping consistent. It is up to you to determine how long and often you’d like to create content. Possible content may include tips, stories, quotes, engaging questions, and promotions. The group’s vibe determines the type of language, story or tips you should share while continuing to staying true to your brand.


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