As a consultant, your clients will experience a wide-range of problems you will help to solve. 

Many types of problems are fairly common. Here are a few consulting tips to help you support your clients in reaching their personal or professional goals. These can also be applied to your own business. 🙂

Learn to distinguish Actionable Goals from Target Goals.

When setting objectives for ourselves, we tend to dream big – and that’s GREAT, but we need to learn the difference between an actionable goal and a target goal. Actionable goals are empowering and measurable; they easily translate into actions we can take now to help our biz. For example, having an actionable goal of calling 1o leads per day, or attending 3 networking events per week.

Target goals are what we shoot for; they’re want we want to manifest in our business but may depend on several outside factors. For example, our income goal can be to make $10k per month, but that depends entirely on your sales, which are a numbers game. So ask yourself, can you break down those numbers into action; how many calls do you need to make to get those sales under your belt? That number of calls becomes your actionable goal.

Simplify your program & learning.

It’s easy to get shiny object syndrome. We want to learn all of the stuff, do all of the things!

But the reality is, even when we delegate, we have to make choices that serve our business, in its current state. Learning Facebook Ads may not be the best way to spend your time and money, if you haven’t even got a sales funnel in place!

And when it comes to your products and services, simplicity will go further than variety. Start with a solid product or service and build on that. You can diversify as you build your audience, and a name for your business.

Set Healthy Boundaries.

One thing that comes with entrepreneur territory is the need for healthy boundaries. This is especially true for consulting and coaching businesses. As coaches and consultants, we tend to give a lot of ourselves as we want to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Determining what we are not available for, will only increase the respect we garner from our clients, and will weed out “wrong fit clients” early on. For example, you may choose not to be available for rants without a constructive component and you would tell your client: “I’ll give you 5 minutes to express your frustration, but then, you need to tell me how you’d like to go about solving it, and we can focus on turning this around.”

Celebrate Small Successes.

Entrepreneurship and business can be a lonely, scary path sometimes, so it’s all the more important to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the victories, bask in the joy of doing what you love and getting to share it with the world. Encourage your clients to be in the moment, celebrate their success at every stage. It’s crucial to making it in business. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

If you run a consulting or coaching business, and you’re looking to hand over your marketing to a competent team, or you’re totally overwhelmed because you’re not sure what is going to get you results and what isn’t (after all, there are so many dang coaching programs out there), get in touch.

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