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Have you ever known someone who flies by the seat of her pants but is wildly successful? Most of the time, it isn’t because she’s a marketing genius. It’s because her goals, thoughts, and beliefs all agree with what she wants.

If you truly want success but you hold a belief that you don’t deserve it, you’ll subconsciously sabotage your results or else feel miserable about your success. You might notice that you commit to things but have trouble following through. Or you create a BIG goal for yourself only to doubt yourself into non-action after making the commitment, blaming people, circumstances, or both for this problem. It can also show up as having an awesome marketing plan that gives you minimal results compared to other entrepreneurs. Or it might be that you are successful but chronically feel like a fraud or like that success will be taken away, which limits the amount of success you have.

If you take some time to look at your past history, you’ll see a pattern of trying to move forward but constantly facing limits you can’t get past no matter what or of losing it all to something that feels out of your control and having to start over again. It might only be in one area of your life, or you might see it as a theme in multiple areas.

The tough news is that the best marketing plans in the world have minimal impact if you’re in your own way. The great news is that figuring out and changing your limiting beliefs is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.


Heather Elliott helps people bring to life what they admire, aspire to, and hold dear while helping them walk through fear and limitation with strength and grace.