Episode Summary:

Hellll-oh Evvvree-body!

Often heard by the sensitive marketing ears of Bruce and Ashley (#Brashley): “Content schmontent… who has time to write sales pages, blogs, ebooks, make videos, do podcasts, and then make sure all of that is all over the interwebs so everybody and his brother can NOT read it, see it, or listen to it? I didn’t sign up to be a publisher — that’s not what I do!”

Content is all the buzz and it can seem like a whole lotta work for a whole lotta nothin’ but Bruce and Ashley give you the scoop and nothing but the scoop in today’s uber-relevant episode of Unstoppable.

Pro Tips:

  • Bruce spills the beans on who should be creating content for their business (you may not like the answer!) (6:15)
  • Why The Big G really really really loves QUALITY content (11:32)
  • Long vs. Short – does size really matter? (13:40)
  • Myth Busting content, what you need, what you don’t need, and how to do it better (14:00)
  • Benefit from Bruce’s Scientific Study of how people like to get their content (20:15)
  • Ashley gets her groove on when she tells you all about sales content vs. regular content and when to use what and why – a nugget o’ gold you don’t want to miss! (24:28)
  • Don’t know what to talk about – #Brashley makes it easy on you so you never struggle for your topics again! (30:55)
  • How to add a personal touch to the sometimes impersonal world of internet marketing – you’ll thank these two for this! (52:35)

Juicy, Random, and Sometimes Off-Topic: (Now these are a MUST-SEE!)

  • Is Ashley a Mastress or a Mistress… and the new rule for the #Brashley Show! (4:15)
  • Ashley reveals the real maturity age of #Brashley – a secret that Bruce didn’t want anyone to know (8:10)
  • Bruce gives Ashley “The Look” – you’ll want to get to know “The Look” in case he ever gives it to you! (15:52)
  • Ashley slips up and reveals her real age… and her secret for gorgeous skin (wondering if she’s got an affiliate link?) (35:01)
  • Just what every girl watching has been waiting for — Ashley lets you in on who she finds sexy eye-candy! (39:21)

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