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If you have not yet embraced Blab as your personal thought leadership playground, then you are truly missing out. is one of the latest and greatest social media platforms to make its debut in 2015. This platform is the best thing to happen to my marketing since Facebook groups.

While it’s most often compared to Google Plus Hangouts, Blab has much more in common with podcasting platforms. It’s a space where up to four people can be on camera (in the box seats, as I like to call them) at a given time with countless others watching and participating in the chat (aka the cheap seats). It’s integrated beautifully with Twitter, allowing participants to tweet out your events as they happen and gives you control over recording or leaving your blabs off-the-record. The best way to see blab in action is to participate in one.

Here’s why I think this platform is so revolutionary: I use Blab to demonstrate my coaching in real time. Instead of booking countless free one-on-one sample sessions, I can bring someone into a box seat, give them one of my patented cathartic shoves, and instantly showcase my otherwise hard-to-describe coaching style to dozens of people. The recordings live forever and include embed code that I can share across my social media channels and in my highly engaged Facebook community. Additionally, I have found that Blab is a fabulous place for networking, leading discussions, repurposing content, and growing my community. It’s also a great place to test ideas, promote your next big thing, and hone your speaking skills. The possibilities are endless.


Jennie Mustafa-Julock, the Audacity Coach, helps driven individuals on the brink of something spectacular figure out how to astonish the heck out of themselves. Coach Jennie doesn’t subscribe to the gentle encouragement coaching thing. She’s known for her signature cathartic shoves.