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Believe it or not, there’s something worse than building something nobody wants to buy… Building something a couple of hundred people love. It’s a project too big to shut down but not big enough to support you. It’s called a “zombie” product. I made that mistake once, so you don’t have to. Include your customers as much as you can in every aspect of your product, from feature set and delivery to sales copy and pricing. The more your customers are involved in creating your product, the more likely they are to take ownership of and use it. You’ll be surprised by what people will tell you if you ask them because they don’t get asked very often.


Troy Dean is a digital marketing consultant, speaker and podcaster. His past clients include QuickBooks, IBM, F1 Grand Prix, The Ashes, Westpac and Jessica Watson. He has built two successful 100% recurring revenue businesses and has helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs and small business owners do the same.