Meet the Team

Ashley Ryan, Owner

As the Founder of Her Smart Marketing, Ashley is a female entrepreneur who plays big and means business. She has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, bringing in 6 and 7-figure revenue for her clients through simple, un-complicated, savvy marketing systems.

Her Smart Marketing is for the smart entrepreneur who is tired of doing everything to market their business online. This successful business owner is ready to invest in expert marketing support (this going at it alone is just not cutting it anymore). Following a proven roadmap of methods, HSM helps authors, speakers, and coaches know what’s right and money making for their business.

Get found online and dramatically increase profits without ever feeling overwhelmed. By creating an integrated online presence coupled with real results, Ashley and her team empower global change makers to create a unique impact and lasting legacy.


 Stephanie Wasylyk, Senior Consultant

Committed to transforming your business, Stephanie understands how hard it is to stay the course (or even know what the course is) when you’re stressed, financially struggling, and unsure what to do next.

That’s because she’s helped over 100 businesses with a concrete, action based plan, incredible insight, and ultimate support so you know what to tackle first. Overwhelm becomes obsolete leaving only room for serious results. Those results look like this: gain more dream clients, create that major impact you’ve always wanted, and double your profit – while enjoying more freedom and flexibility in your day.  

Stephanie gets results like this because she’s never relying on a cookie cutter strategy. By focusing on your systems (what’s working and what isn’t), seeing your overall big picture goal, while dissecting the little details for you and troubleshooting challenges along the way, Stephanie saves you time (and money!) by creating a business and marketing plan that’s exclusively tailored to you and what your business needs.

Even better? Stephanie has an above average retention rate. Clients return to Stephanie again and again to continue their work to keep taking leaps forward and never looking back. No overwhelm, no stress – just real solutions with an honest, experienced guide along the way.

Most importantly, Stephanie holds you, your business, and herself to a higher standard. The result? The business you’ve always wanted – genuine, relatable, and one that makes a difference, while making money. Stephanie makes it simple, straightforward, and with you every step of the way as you meet your business goals and create the life you’ve always wanted.


 Ryan Pippy, Technical Strategist

Perhaps the most overlooked detail when running a business is the ability to anticipate what’s happening next. This is crucial when establishing the back-end systems that will make sure your marketing and overall communication is running efficiently. That’s where Ryan comes in. He takes care of executing those systems so you don’t have to and can, instead, focus on what you love in your business.

Ryan comes to this work with a unique background. After studying Geology at The University of Waterloo, Ryan became well versed in a variety of custom software and realized that the lack of customer service for these systems was costing the field time and money. So he became that better customer service.

He has worked all over Canada and the Arctic as a geologist, as well as in Australia. Now Ryan uses his extensive experience working with various teams, management levels, software systems, and customer service for entrepreneurs and business owners. Knowing what needs to happen next for your business is perhaps Ryan’s superpower. This, not only, moves your business forward but also gets tasks accomplished correctly the first time. Ryan’s attention to detail makes him the kind of rockstar that will understand what your business needs – saving you time and money – while also being a constant source of guidance, knowledge, and troubleshooting along the way.


Marisa Corcoran, Copywriter

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are constantly looking for solid ways to move your business forward. You have that “go get ’em” motivated attitude (it’s why you are already successful) and so you need to make sure you are consistently creating copy that shines a big light on your impact.

That’s where Marisa comes in. Whether it’s newsletters, landing pages, sales pages, or website makeover, Marisa will evaluate, organize, and shape your ideas into clear, compelling copy highlighting your business while also being engaging and pretty fun to read. Most importantly, it will sound like you. (Not to mention always making sure you never write your when you mean you’re.)

She’s helped over 100+ entrepreneurs powerfully engage their audience and transform their creative ideas into compelling copy so that makes it easier to reach more loyal fans and followers and generate the profit that goes along with it.  

Marisa resides in New York City with an M.F.A. from Harvard University. She’s also a firm believer in using coconut creamer in your coffee and listening to Toni Braxton whenever possible.


Zoran Mandic, Lead Designer

One of the most crucial marketing tools for your business is graphic design. You need images and visuals that highlight your unique message. But you can’t rely on cut-and-paste designs and hope for the best. You know your business needs powerful images to match your impact. That’s why Zoran focuses on translating your unique vision into well-constructed designs that look and feel like your business.

With a master’s degree in Graphic Engineering and Design, Zoran spent three years working in the magazine publishing industry. Over the past six years, he has worked with numerous clients all over the world, focusing on print and digital marketing collateral (brochures, catalogs, company portfolios, PDF presentations, social media images, web banners, etc.). Zoran focuses on, not only, high professional standards but also communication and creating a strong professional relationship with clients.

Here at HSM, Zoran is a reliable team player who takes the time to study clients’ needs, analyze their instructions, as well as their current design and guidelines. Together, they hone in on the best and most effective ways to improve design while always keeping in mind the client’s overall message throughout their collaboration. This allows Zoran to achieve excellent results (the first time) which helps smart entrepreneurs and business owners highlight their message effectively, while expanding their reach and maximizing their impact.


Carrie Roldan, Consultant

Fiercely committed to “lifting” others. That’s what it’s all about for Carrie. A whiz with marketing and strategy, combined with a super dose of light and positivity, Carrie will be your “Business BFF” – kicking your business into shape while supporting you, every step of the way.

As a work-from-home entrepreneur, she is on a big mission to help other female entrepreneurs identify their highest purpose, cultivate it, and align it with their business for a balanced life that makes them excited to get up every Monday morning.

Carrie is also Mom to three children, as well as an accomplished runner and the best-selling author of Run Yourself Happy; A five step training program, to release anxiety and create space for miracles.  

You’ll gain clarity and serious confidence with Carrie’s energy and enthusiasm. Once you meet her, you’ll instantly want to be part of her tribe – a network of women laser focused to getting things done in their business for real, tangible results – once and for all.