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There are so many programs and other shiny objects women are buying in the hopes that this is what they need to finally be successful. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to buy another shiny object that’s going to sit on your shelf or worse, not deliver the results it claims — and make you feel like the failures are your fault.

Just a few weeks after doing the Her Smart Marketing plan, I landed a $10k client — and 6 weeks later, I have 5 more.

After running a very successful multi-six-figure business, I decided to launch a new venture. Just a few weeks after doing the Her Smart Marketing Plan Plus, I landed a $10k client and 6 weeks later I have 5 more. I am so grateful and recommend Her Smart Marketing to any woman looking for success on her own terms.”

Photographer, New Zealand


Cindy Nicholson, The Course Whisperer
From 0 clients to fully booked in under 3 months

Lisa Clampitt
From $20k Sales to $90k sales

Laura Amendola
Made $80k working with HSM


Lead Consultant



Ashley Ryan
Founder & CEO


Sales Consultant

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Why you need a customized
Her Smart Marketing Plan Plus

It’s the foundation of a successful, sustainable
money-making business.

With over 500 marketing plans under our belt, we understand the questions to ask, steps to take, and the partnership you need to design a plan that converts and makes you money. We’ve helped smart and savvy business owners go from totally unknown to an expert in their field — earning $60,000 to $100,000 per month.


Strategic Plan

From programs, speaking engagements, joint ventures, referral programs, advertising, social media — you’ll know exactly what your business needs.

Online Marketing Automation

ROI calculations (cost per action, clicks) and conversion data tracking — done for you.

Funnel Optimization

Every element on your website (copy, design, interaction, fields, buttons, etc.) and online presence will be built to convert.

Virtual Assistance

Whether it’s our team or yours, you will have a rock solid system for copywriting, design, and tech — tailored for your budget.

That’s why we create a customized plan just for you
and take each step with you for real results.

HSM has been a Godsend; they are my true partners.

HSM is truly my business partner and invested in my success! Reliable, fast, invested, they have helped me create order out of chaos.”